There is far more to football than just kicking a ball!

My role at the development centre is to focus on other attributes important to every footballer’s game other than being able to pass, dribble and shoot. These attributes which are so important for every player to possess include speed, acceleration, flexibility, stamina, reaction time and a quick change of direction, to name just a few!

At the development centre, I will be basing my sessions around drills which really develop every player’s ability no matter what position you play in, whether it be a goalkeeper or a striker. As a former county standard athlete, I will also be including lots of technical aspects used in athletics to really analyse players in depth and to maximise each players potential.

From my sessions, I aim to make each player at the development centre faster by focusing on running technique and increasing their agility levels. I will be able to monitor each player’s development by conducting time trials periodically over set distances. From the data collected, I will also be able to work out a players speed and work out each age groups average.

After joining the coaching team at the development centre back in September 2009, I have been really impressed with all the attitudes of the players and the improvements which have been shown so far, so keep up the good work, train hard, stay focused and it will pay off!!

Download the files below and practice at home.


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